[Marxism] Re: More conspiracy theories: Europeans Investigate CIA Rolein Abductions PART 1

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sun Mar 13 17:08:27 MST 2005

Between Israelis being warned to get out of the Twin Towers and the 
rendition of prisoners by the CIA, there is enough space to drive 
hundreds of Ryder trucks loaded with explosives.

The issue is where to draw the line. There are known knowns and unknown 

For example, when Kennedy was shot on November 22, 1963, and Oswald 
captured, I was at home with my parents in Kingsburg, California. I had 
dropped out of law school the summer of 1962, but had been readmitted 
for the spring of 1964. In other words, I was still "up" on certain 
legal principles for criminal prosecutions.

When I heard Dallas District Attorney Wade, backed up by Police Chief 
Curry and Captain Fritz, announce on the night of November 22 that 
there "was no one but him" (Oswald), I immediately knew that there was 
a conspiracy. I would in fact claim to be the very first Kennedy 
conspiracy theorist except that there must have been thousands of law 
students, attorneys, judges, and police officials throughout the 
country that immediately came to the same conclusion, i.e., that there 
was no way that the DA and highest police officials in a major city 
could declare the case to be effectively closed on the very day that 
JFK was shot.

In a separate statement the same day, Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell said 
that the assassination was "the irrational act of a single man."

So there was a conspiracy to immediately declare Oswald the lone 

In my opinion, everything else is speculation, even though there are 
lots of political facts and conjunctures pointing to high level 
coverup. But of what? And how does it relate to the socialist criticism 
of capitalism.

The most important issue for socialists is whether conspiracy theories 
promote the education and organization of a mass socialist movement. 
The kind of people, and the kind of program, and the kind of movement 
that socialists want to build is not aided by conspiracy theories 
except as idle comment.

from Brian Shannon

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