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  Latest Release: Monday, March 14, 2005

The Witchhuts Continue: Columbia University and the New Anti-Semitism

M. Junaid Alam

Rape, massacre, theft, torture, ethnic cleansing: these are not crimes
which nations can defend with ease - especially when unearthed by their
own historians. Israel recently faced this most troubling predicament.
Combing through declassified state archives, Israeli scholars of the
past twenty years have discovered their nation was founded upon the mass
expulsion and deliberate destruction of the native Palestinian people.
(1) Israel, it turned out, was far more Goliath than David. Since this
presented somewhat of a public relations problem for a state still
engaged in brutalizing Palestinians and stealing their land, a new
self-justifying rationale needed to be authored.

Enter the "new anti-Semitism." This doctrine turns reality on its head,
declaring criticism of Israel's racist behavior to be itself racist -

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Politics/Alam031305.html>

More From the Youth Anti-War Front

The Week of Campus Resistance <http://www.tools4change.org/wcr/> is now
upon us. Several major actions, described in this space ten days ago,
have already taken place on campuses in protest against the war in Iraq.
Below are two more ground reports, with accompanying press articles,
about important actions which took place just four days ago. /Left Hook/
will keep its readers updated on developments for this crucial week of
planned actions as diligently as possible.


On March 9th, Students Against War (SAW) at San Francisco State
University-a chapter of the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN)- cooperated
with other campus student groups to organize a protest against the
presence of military recruiters on SFSU's campus.At 11am, over 200
students rallied outside the student center expressing their outrage at
the presence of military recruiters in the nearby job fair. People spoke
out against the war in Iraq, the budget cuts, the bigoted anti-gay,
racist and sexist policies of the military, and the fact that while
money for college is increasingly hard to find the Military is getting
more funding for recruitment.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Ground/Protests031305.html>

"Recruiters Off Our Campus!": The growing crisis facing the military

Desmond Gardfrey

"It is a challenging recruiting environment right now."-- Marine Corps
spokesman Maj. David Griesmer

In other words, recruiters better watch their backs.

The military is pushing harder to sign people up for the war. Signing
bonuses for new recruits have gone up a few thousand. The military plans
to hire several thousand more recruiters. The department of defense is
spending billions of dollars on advertising. But there are millions of
people outraged at the idea that more lives will be wasted for empire.

This outrage has exploded on the frontlines of high schools and college
campuses-key targets for military recruiters.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Ground/Gadfrey031305.html>

N.Y. officials fire left-wing professor: Witch-hunt at Columbia

Jonah Birch

NEW YORK’S state government has escalated the attack on left-wing
professors at Columbia University. The New York Department of Education
(DOE) fired Professor Rashid Khalidi from a program that the DOE runs
jointly with Columbia to help public school teachers discuss the
situation in the Middle East with students.

Khalidi, a respected historian and director of Columbia’s Middle East
Institute, hhas been targeted for his political views. He was fired just
one day after the New York Sun, a right-wing tabloid, published an
article blasting Khalidi for describing Israel as a “racist” state.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Ground/Birch031305.html>

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