[Marxism] REPORT: Ward Churchill Settlement?

Ralph Johansen michele at maui.net
Mon Mar 14 01:37:09 MST 2005


Ward Churchill: An attorney for Ward Churchill, the professor who 
compared some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi leader, said today he expects 
to reach a settlement with the University of Colorado "within the next 
day or so" on the embattled professor's future. David Lane declined to 
discuss specifics, including the size of any agreement and whether it 
would mean the university would buy out the contract of Churchill, a 
tenured professor of ethnic studies. 9News said today it had learned 
that the proposed settlement amount is in the range of $300,000 to 
$400,000. It did not cite a source for its report. A member of the CU 
Board of Regents confirmed today that negotiations are taking place.

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