[Marxism] More conspiracy theories: Europeans InvestigateCIARolein Abductions PART 1

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Mar 14 07:12:56 MST 2005

Bob wrote "stretching it just a bit, don't you think? for us to describe
911 as being due to lack of security?"


Within the context of the general global conflict over the role of the
US in the world, the U.S. deregulation of the airlines industry and the
failure to enforce even these more lax guidelines opened the door to the
seizure of those planes and all that death and destruction.

...but thanks for making my point.  If people blue-skying over whether
the CIA or somebody arranged to destroy one of the most valuable pieces
of real estate in the U.S. spent a fraction of the time familiarizing
themselves with these indisputable facts of the Sept. 11 events, nobody
would suggest that it was "stretching it." 

Most of this speculation has been as silly as a discussion over whether
or not my cats are trying to control me telepathically.  After all, we
don't have any proof they aren't, do we?  


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