[Marxism] Marx in Soho, by Howard Zinn

Jayson Funke jfunke at clarku.edu
Mon Mar 14 11:53:11 MST 2005

Praxis is pleased to present:
MARX IN SOHO, written by Howard Zinn, performed by Bob Weick with the
Iron Age Theater (60 minutes)
March 29, 2005:  7 & 9pm performances, FREE ADMISSON, Little Center,
Clark University, Worcester, MA 01610
Sponsored by the following Clark University Departments: Theater,
International Studies Stream, Government, Global Environmental Studies,
Graduate School of Geography, International Development Community &
Agitating the authorities of the afterlife to clear his name, Karl Marx
is sent to earth for one hour to make his case. But bureaucracies are
the same in heaven as on earth, and due to a clerical error, Marx lands
in Old City Philadelphia rather than his stomping grounds in London. Fed
up with the gloating of the right wing that "Marxism is dead" after the
fall of the Soviet Union, and eager to reclaim his ideas from the
distortion of Stalin's brutalities and pseudo-socialism's repressions,
Marx urgently uses current news and events to show how his ideas still
resonate by launching into a passionate, funny and moving defense of his
life and political ideas. He shares his reflections on history and
philosophy as he retells the very human and personal story of his life
in Soho through encounters with the anarchist Michael Bakunin, the
revolutionary P. J. Proudhon, his brilliant daughter Eleanor, and his
wife, Jenny. The play is more than just a political discussion - it is
the experience of the life and mind of Karl Marx. Bob Weick's powerful
performance portrays the largeness of the ideas and the human nature of
the man. The intimacy, honesty and power of his portrayal makes MARX IN
SOHO a rewarding and affecting experience. Howard Zinn shows his
characteristic gift of accurately humanizing but not sentimentalizing
people most historians ignore at best or disfigure at worst. Zinn
doesn't preach, but rather uses mischievous humor to tackle the United
State's educational system, super-rich ruling class, corporate mergers,
prisons, political chicanery, and media. The play provides a dynamic way
to open discussions about contemporary politics, historical analysis and
economic philosophy. (A dramaturgical study guide is available - please
contact Praxis) Please help us spread the word and forward this email to
interested parties.
In solidarity,
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for social change. The aim is to cultivate critical thinking, increase
sensitivity to, and develop a spirit of inquiry on, important local &
global issues. Praxis is not a membership organization, club, or
political party.
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