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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 14 12:10:53 MST 2005

>It is a classic technique among the "Psyops" types known as the "poison 
>pill". When a damaging story is gaining momentum and more and more is 
>coming out damaging to your cause or candidate for office, you plant a 
>story with some even more damaging--to your cause or candidate--and 
>salacious details but with some impeaching details planted to avoid 
>initial scrutiny. The bourgeois press, always hungry to be the first with 
>the "scoop", (scoop brings exposure which brings name recognition which 
>brings access which brings the next scoop...--the ol "Spiral of SUCKcess 
>in bourgeois journalism) may be counted on not to properly vett the whole 
>story and all of its details. Then, when the story is gaining even more 
>momentum, looking very bad for your cause or candidate, you pull the plug 
>with some details that cause not only the sources and documents to be 
>impeached, but also, those who brought the initial story and other details 
>of the whole of the story itself are impeached.
>This was also used in the October Surprise story in 1980s (the Reagan 
>Administration cutting deals with elements of the regime in Iran to keep 
>U.S. hostages until after the 1980 election so that Carter would lose). 
>Richard Brenneke, a former CIA pilot and former pilot for George H.W. 
>Bush, with real bona fides, claimed to have flown Bush to a secret 
>meeting-that he denied he had attended--in Paris to cut the deal. Then, 
>supposedly a cub reporter was given personal documents by Brenneke to do 
>his life story and in those documents was a gas receipt showing Brenneke 
>was in Oregon when he claimed he had flown Bush to Paris. Result? Brenneke 
>impeached along with other details of the whole story not even depending 
>upon Brenneke.
>The details in the story on Bush's Guard "service" were entirely correct 
>and verified by surviving Guard documents. The bourgeois press is not 
>asking who leaked the documents to Rather--and Rather refuses to give the 
>source. Of course it is classic Karl Rove (who has used the same technique 
>on other stories).
>Leonardo De Vinci once wrote: "For once you have tasted flight you will 
>walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been, and 
>there you long to return." As a pilot over 40 years and now grounded due 
>to medical condition, I can attest to this truth of De Vinci (who only 
>imagined flight and what it would be like and how one would feel after 
>experiencing flight). Well the refusal of Bush and his buddy James R. Bath 
>(then principal representative of the bin Laden family in Houston) to take 
>their flight physicals in September 1972 (when there was a pilot shortage 
>at the time and they had just introduced drug testing in April of 1972) 
>should and could have been used against Bush among pilots who are often 
>right-wing but also unforgiving of any pilot who takes himself/herself out 
>of the air voluntarily--this is why I get sick whenver I see that preppy 
>punk wearing the wings of an aviator as he would not make a pimple on a 
>real aviator's ass. Real aviators fight tooth-n-nail to avoid being 
>grounded and always want to be airborne if possible. The same is true of 
>real veterans who have little patience for those who got the 
>"fortunate-son-treatment" that Bush got. The impeachment of this story was 
>seen as critical as significant elements of Bush's "base" might well have 
>deserted him if the chicken-hawk, doing coke while on flight status and 
>voluntary grounding elements of the story were properly vetted and exposed.
>Jim Craven
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