[Marxism] Kargalitsky on Putin

davidquarter at sympatico.ca davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 14 15:31:16 MST 2005

 On 14 Mar 2005 at 16:53, Louis Proyect wrote:

> The Progressive, March 2005 issue
> Putin Stumbles
> by Boris Kagarlitsky
> But the theory that a pro-American opposition was battling with a 
> pro-Moscow political elite was simplistic. Yes, Yushchenko is without a 
> doubt pro-American. But so was President Leonid Kuchma and his prime 
> minister, Yanukovich. 

No -- Was at a point...

Kuchma's government, after all, sent troops to Iraq. >>>>

So did Russia, almost...

> And, ironically, when Yushchenko was finally elected as Ukrainian president 
> on December 26, he announced that bringing troops home from Iraq would be 
> his first priority in office. >>>>

 And so did Spain, Poland, Honduras, the Philliphines, so ...I guess.. all must be 
rabid anti Americans too? Canada never officially entered the war...that must speak 
volumes of Canada's anti amerianism...

What's more, Yushchenko is opposing some 
> privatization efforts that are so cherished in Washington these days. >>>>

 The credits him  for opposing (what?) at the start of his term! As is often the case, 
politicians subservient to western dictates do see the light....

> George Bush, having no other option but to back pro-Western Yushchenko and 
> his "Orange Revolution," may have to swallow political and economic 
> decisions in Kiev that are not going to be to his liking.>>>

  Oh boy...Not this again...How much evidence of millions of dollars of U.S. funding 
to opposition coffers  does in this guy's mind entail "no option to back"?

> To be sure, Putin shocked everyone with his crude tactics and open 
> meddling. >>>>

No option for Bush, "option meddling" by Putin...This article can be Juxtaposed 
against what Louis P. describes as the notoriously poor journalism of the Russia 



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