[Marxism] Kargalitsky on Putin

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 14 16:07:43 MST 2005

David Quarter wrote:
> > And, ironically, when Yushchenko was finally elected as Ukrainian 
> president
> > on December 26, he announced that bringing troops home from Iraq would be
> > his first priority in office. >>>>
>  And so did Spain, Poland, Honduras, the Philliphines, so ...I guess.. 
> all must be
>rabid anti Americans too? Canada never officially entered the war...that 
>must speak
>volumes of Canada's anti amerianism...

I don't see where Kargalitsky characterized Yuschenko as being "rabidly 
anti-American". His point is  that the differences over the Ukraine have 
nothing to do with class conflict. Putin and his surrogates in the Ukraine 
are for capitalism and so is the USA and their surrogates. I think 6 months 
or so ago there were some illusions from the usual gang of Slavophiles that 
Putin was some kind of pro-working class populist. The idiot Chris Doss who 
hangs out on Henwood's list and pretends to be some kind of expert on 
Russian affairs made a big deal out of the fact that Putin was in the KGB 
once. This was supposed to be analogous, I guess, to some of Chavez's top 
aides having a background in the guerrilla struggle. What a joke.

Louis Proyect
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