[Marxism] Reply to Carl Davidson

Julio Huato juliohuato at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 21:45:39 MST 2005


Reduced to its minimal expression, this is your syllogism:

Premise: Republicans and Democrats are equally bad.  There are no
consequential differences between them.  Conclusion 1: What "Marxist
revolutionaries" should do is attack the two-party system frontally. 
Conclusion 2: People on the left who cooperate with the Democrats are
"criminals," "political prostitutes."  Conclusion 3: People on the
left who cooperate with the Republicans are political "victims."

You spin the wheels of your search engine to fetch the most recent New
Yorker's article documenting your Premise.  But the portion of the
article you quote also suggests that, in the ranks of the DP, there
*is* significant opposition to the occupation of Iraq.  So much so
that a presidential pre-candidate who voiced his opposition to the
White House's actions in Iraq, someone you yourself praised on your
list (after he was defeated in the primaries and you thought of him as
a political corpse), is now the party's chairman!  Of course, if duly
minimized, that tiny fact is never a reason to qualify the Premise of
your syllogism.

When I say that, whatever we do politically to try and build an
independent working class movement, big or small, will weaken one
party and -- whether we intend it or not -- strengthen the other, you
accuse me of turning the victim into the criminal and vice versa.  But
isn't it a fact that, in a tightly contested election between the
Democrats and the Republicans as the one in 2004, refusing to
cooperate with the Democrats under the excuse that they don't have a
radical political agenda is equivalent to either supporting the
Republicans or -- at best -- engaging in a useless exercise in ultra
leftist posturing?

I agree. The Nader campaign was mainly educational. It is helping us
learn that radical political idiocy, motivated by personal megalomania
or, worse, by penis envy and personal animosities, will never do the
job.  Your sense of moral outrage is totally misdirected.


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