[Marxism] Fwd: On the supposed "restoration of capitalism" in China.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Mar 15 11:45:39 MST 2005

>Prior to going to China last September I shared with some of the 
>professors at Tsinghua University some of the debate going on in U.S. left 
>circles about the extent to which capitalism has been "fully restored" in 
>China. I noted that there are some scholars I know personally and for whom 
>I have great respect who argue that capitalism has been "fully restored" 
>in China but with whom I disagree.
>The organizers of the conference asked me to forward invitations to those 
>scholars (who would have been accomodated in China) to come and debate the 
>issue with Chinese scholars. As the invitations were sent out late in the 
>planning process, no doubt some of those scholars to whom I sent the 
>invitations simply could not come. But the scholars in China were willing 
>and eager to debate the issues related to the extent of "restoration" of 
>capitalism and the real class nature of the Chinese state; and they are 
>apparently still quite willing to debate the issue openly.
>Dear Professor Jim
>Glad to share the ideas and the discussions of you and your friends. Thank 
>I argue that those ideas and discussions should be shared and participated 
>by Chinese scholars, who will be interested in and propel your great 
>discussion. I have an idea. I will arrange a workshop or a special panel 
>for you and your friends in our International Symposium. [snip]
>Looking forward to your reply. If you agree, we will happy to invite you 
>the chirman of the workshop. Here attached the invitation of the 
>International Symposium.
>For those arguing that capitalism has been not only widened and deepend 
>but indeed "fully restored" in China, why not take your arguments directly 
>to scholars, masses and party members in China? Right now we have people 
>like me who are patently ignorant--and admit to being patently 
>ignorant--about many realities in China debating the realities of China 
>with others equally patently ignorant about the realities of China on 
>lists that are relatively insulated from the wider populations in both 
>countries. Let's see what scholars living and working in China have to say 
>about some of these arguments--pro and con--about the "restoration of 
>capitalism" in China.
>Jim Craven
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