[Marxism] re: Fanon--please clarify

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Mar 15 14:47:20 MST 2005

I really do like some of what M. Junaid Alam writes, but I am very
disturbed about the tendency to speak in buzz words alternating with
some self-defined terminology.  

He wrote, "I stand by my claim that classical Marxism did not and could
not accurately synthesize the full meaning, consequences, and dynamics
of the core-periphery relationship." 

Yes, "classical" anything is going to be bypassed pretty quickly--and,
by definition, a "full meaning" is always going to be lacking.  However,
words used to clarify where Marxism failed are just incomprehensible to
me.  What does it mean??????  

He continues to discern "a dangerous maximalist tendency, expressed
through a kind of dialectical extremism, among many Marxists, including
the postmodernists."  

Again, one can't quarrel with denunciations of "maximalism," which, by
definition, is a political error.  What is the "dialectical extremism"
of which "many Marxists" are guilty?  Either the term or the "many
Marxists" should be clarified if this is to mean anything at all.  

Fans of Black Adder might recall when Lord Percy told Edmund Black Adder
that the eyes of Edmund's future wife (who Percy had never met) were
bluer than the Blue Stone of Galveston (which Percy had never seen):
"So, what you're telling me, Percy, is that something you have never
seen is slightly less blue than something else you have never seen."
Just so, an unspecified "many Marxists" are guilty of an undefined
"dialectical extremism."

Indeed, this seems is so incomprehensibly muddled that I suspect that it
is postmodernist. 

Then, after attacking "the cruise-missile left" for supporting the
invasion of Afghanistan, M. Junaid Alam suggests that Marxism is
characterized by a "fetishization of the Enlightment period of which
Marx was himself a product."

Hostility to the Enlightenment?  That sounds to me like postmodernism!

Can M. Junaid Alam please clarify what he means for the befuddled among

Mark L.

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