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Tue Mar 15 18:59:29 MST 2005

By coincidence yesterday the Marxists Internet Archive posted Trotsky's letter to the workers of India. I would encourage Comrade Alam to see whether it meets his standards, and if not so how, concerning Marxism's ability to see imperialism as perpetually enslaving colonies and their inhabitants (as opposed to developing them), the need for struggle against the imperialists and their stooges -- including armed struggle -- and the other perceived failings of the legitimate (i.e. non-Stalinist or Social Democratic) Marxist tradition.

-- "M. Junaid Alam" <mjunaidalam at msalam.net> wrote:
However, I stand by my claim that classical Marxism did not and could not accurately synthesize the full meaning, consequences, and dynamics of the core-periphery relationship.

I think Philip is really cutting a wide swath around reality when he writes:

This "moving detail" and "humanist terms" concerns precisely the violence of the backward fellah, the Algerian native peasant, against the advanced French white settler.

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