[Marxism] RE: Reply to Carl Davidson - or, Why Democrats Really *Are* Worse than Republicans

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Mar 15 21:47:28 MST 2005

I fundamentally disagree with you, Julio, because what you describe as 
an exercise in mere formal abstraction, ie. my model,  I see as 
representative of the historical facts and political realities of this 

 I therefore disagree with what you choose to posit as present political 
realities - the need to form an alliance with the Democrats for whatever 
practical political purposes. Though I didn't actually write anything 
about forming blocs with Democrats per se, and I don't disagree with the 
idea of forming temporary alliances with enemies, this proposition is 
precluded by what I consider to be the overall nature and function the 
Democratic party plays, which is, again, where we disagree.

I think my idea on this solid based on one simple test - you spend reams 
of paragraphs defending the concept of alliance, but this has already 
been tried a million times. It's not as if those to the left of the DP 
have been sectarians fanatically avoiding trying to work with the 
Democrats. The problem is actually that working with the Democrats is 
what has gotten us into our current national mess. The position of 
rejectionism that I am advancing, or comes out of an understanding of 
the party that I am advancing, is a reaction to this pre-existing status 

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