[Marxism] Re Should opposition to imperialism's offensive be a defense of the Middle East status quo? Should our opposition be conservative for now?"

Lil Joe joe_radical at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 15 23:30:37 MST 2005

 Les Schaffer wrote:
as far as i can tell the structure 
of your argument is something like "if A uses a word that is also used 
by Bush and his class, then A supports Bush-class  policies in Iraq". To 
which any budding (marxist) scholar, mathematically inclined or 
otherwise, would counter with an expression common in the theory and 
practice of logic: the HUH???? response.

item 2: didn't you read my fundamental contribution to marxmail this 
morning when i argued strenuously for clipping quoted text in a post? if 
not, please do so now. 

Lil Joe Response:
Okay, fair enough.

What I wrote was that the US imperialists supposed
'justification' for the invasion/occupation of Iraq,
once there were no WMDs found, was that it was
bringing Iraq from the old feudal order into the
light of European style 'democracy'. Thus, the
news media praise this 'new, democratic Iraq',
and the rightness of the Invasion and Occupation.
This is not about words but arguments. Show where
your position, quoted below as you asked - in
italics - differ from the Bush argument of Occupation
equals democratization.

I wrote:


Why don't you be honest, and clear: you endorse the
US created "New Iraq": you support the 'new' goal
of US imperialism, and its stated reason for 
staying in occupation - to create stability for 
this 'new democratic Iraq'. 

Lil Joe

From: "Fred Feldman" <ffeldman at bellatlantic.net>
"I think some of our reactions to the election process in Iraq,
while hardly entirely wrong, were one-sided enough to give us a partly
wrong fix on what was taking place.  The range and variety of 
aspirations for democracy in the Middle East are part of the 
breakdown of the old status quo, a desirable and needed

I think an effective, united struggle against the occupation has to be
based on the idea of a "new Iraq," not the one that proved incapable of
defending the nation. Fred Feldman


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