[Marxism] re: Fanon

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Mar 16 11:02:31 MST 2005

Without getting into Robinson's remarks and their merit too deeply, it
should be noted that the Enlightenment itself historically belongs to a
century earlier than Marx anyway.  Indeed, it belongs to that period
when people believed that social and political ideas could be subject to
the same kind of comparative standardized measures, experimentation and
applications as scientific concepts.

The Enlightenment formed an essential prerequisite for the revolutions
of the eighteenth century.  For all its shortcomings--and they were
legion--the Enlightenment embraced an essential ambition that remains at
the heart of modern secular thought.  

Recent scholarship has demonstrated quit well that this does not
necessarily mean a mechanistic materialism--or some culturally narrow
and parochial assumption.  In the end, critics of the societies built
from those eighteenth century revolutions share the essential concept
that ideas can be defined, discussed, weighed and evaluated.  

Mark L.

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