[Marxism] Re: Will delinquent nations be invaded?

John Enyang x03002f at math.nagoya-u.ac.jp
Wed Mar 16 22:58:25 MST 2005

Interesting that this senior Pentagon figure seems to be taking the same
trajectory as Robert McNamara, a principal architect of the aggression
against Vietnam who was moved to the World Bank as the war he was so
identified with became less tenable for the US.

During the last election, some of the left (like Chomsky for one) seem to
have attributed almost magical powers to the "Cheney--Rumsfeld--Wolfowitz
cabal". The powers ascribed to this clique were used to justify support
for the democratic candidate who, not being tied to the "cabal" in the
same way as Bush, constituted the lesser of two evils. Following this
argument, we might presumably deduce that since one member of the "cabal"
is (apparently) soon to make a face saving exit from his policy making
position in the Bush administration, US imperialism is going to adopt a
measurably less aggressive posture on a whole bunch of issues... right?


ln3 at panix.com wrote:

> Bush to Recommend Wolfowitz for World Bank Post
> Published: March 16, 2005
> Filed at 10:33 a.m. ET
> WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush will recommend that Defense Deputy
> Secretary Paul Wolfowitz take over as head of the World Bank, a senior
> administration official said Wednesday.
> Wolfowitz has been Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's top deputy and a
> lightning rod for criticism over the U.S. invasion of Iraq and other
> defense policies.

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