[Marxism] From David McReynolds

Alan Bickley avb34 at charter.net
Thu Mar 17 19:07:03 MST 2005

David McReynolds writes that "one of the painfully brutal ironies of history 
is that Berlin, which had never been a Nazi stronghold, suffered so badly 
from the bombing." It was not so much an irony as the result of a 
cold-blooded intention by Sir Arthur Harris, head of Britain's Bomber 
Command, to expend his bombs on the working class district of Berlin. It was 
"Bomber" Harris' hope and expectation that by making miserable the lives of 
those Germans who were, more than most, opposed to the Nazis an uprising or 
some other form of resistance would be brought about. Berlin was, to Hitler 
and the National Socialist leadership a red city. It was a red city to Sir 
Arthur and to his political master, Winston Churchill. They bombed the homes 
of Germany's leftmost citizens when they could have been bombing authentic 
military targets.

Alan Bickley
Madison, WI 

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