[Marxism] Re: [R-G] ANWR opponents [of drilling] say fight isn't over

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at resist.ca
Thu Mar 17 19:11:19 MST 2005

Macdonald Stainsby posted:

> Experts say, eventually, ANWR could supply as much as 1 million barrels 
> of oil per day.
by way of comparison, so people know what kind of damage we are doing 
and for what "benefit":

"Opec ministers have decided to raise their production ceiling from 27 
to 27.5 million barrels per day with immediate effect and have held out 
the possibility of a further rise of 500,000 bpd in May."

--al jazeera

...this is if one believes the petroleum industry; it's a drop in a 
small bucket.

however, self-determination is no less absolute for the Gwitchín than 
any other nation, unless of course you subscribe to the notion that 
Indians and Inuit nations of turtle Island don't count.

what say you, one and all? I'm not in the US. Many of you are. It's up 
to you to see what the future holds for the planet.


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