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Thu Mar 17 22:03:38 MST 2005

Alan Bickley wrote:
>David McReynolds writes that "one of the painfully brutal ironies of 
>history is that Berlin, which had never been a Nazi stronghold, 
>suffered so badly from the bombing." It was not so much an irony as 
>the result of a cold-blooded intention by Sir Arthur Harris, head of 
>Britain's Bomber Command, to expend his bombs on the working class 
>district of Berlin. It was "Bomber" Harris' hope and expectation 
>that by making miserable the lives of those Germans who were, more 
>than most, opposed to the Nazis an uprising or some other form of 
>resistance would be brought about. Berlin was, to Hitler and the 
>National Socialist leadership a red city. It was a red city to Sir 
>Arthur and to his political master, Winston Churchill. They bombed 
>the homes of Germany's leftmost citizens when they could have been 
>bombing authentic military targets.

To say that Harris and Churchill thought that through their genocidal
terror bombing of the German proletariat "an uprising or some other 
form of resistance would be brought about" is 180 degrees removed 
from the
truth.  They knew from the experience of the blitz that terror bombing
only serves to increase  people's support for the government that is
their only protector and only provider of their survival needs.  What
they also knew exceedingly well is that in 1918 the Kaiser was
overthrown by an uprising that came excruciatingly close to
establishing a Soviet republic.  Allied war strategy can be understood
only through recognition that it aimed above all at *preserving*
the Nazi regime until the German proletariat could be neutralized
by military occupation of the whole country.  That is why, in
1938, Chamberlain--knowing that the Reichswehr High Command
was prepared to overthrow the Nazis the very moment that
Hitler ordered invasion of Czechoslovakia (the "Oster Conspiracy")--
capitulated to Hitler at Brechtesgarden and at Munich.  That is
why the Big Three set their minimum peace terms as "Unconditional
Surrender," not as overthrow of the Nazi regime.  And that is why
the German working class had to be bombed mercilessly.  And that
is why Roosevely, Churchill, Stalin, and Pacelli, knowing full well
that European jewry was being exterminated, said and did nothing
to stop the horror.

Shane Mage

  "Mortals immortals, immortals mortals,
  living their deaths, dying their lives"

Herakleitos of Ephesos, fr. 62

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