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>  And that
> is why Roosevely, Churchill, Stalin, and Pacelli, knowing full well
> that European jewry was being exterminated, said and did nothing
> to stop the horror.

This is a lie as monstrous as denying the holocaust.

My maternal grandfather was saved during a POW forced march from France into 
Germany by a Yugoslav Cominternist that happened to be in theater under a 
false flag precisely in an effort to gather intelligence and network within 
the camps in France and western Germany for the purpose of uprising, mass 
escape, and propaganda information.

I know for a simple biological fact, the fact that I exist, that the 
Comintern was seriously involved in trying to get some sort of support to 
the camps, with the help of the OSS. That the Soviet Union was losing at the 
time more than 3 times as much people as the maximum number of Jews killed 
in the camps should only make any minimal effort seem even more glorious.

Churchill was another story, ill grant you that, but many of his close 
collaborators were instrumental in the development of pro-imperialist 
Zionism as the dominant expression of Zionism after the war.

Not to mention that the true situation of the camps was hidden behind the 
fog of War, with even Zionist organizations lacking any hard evidence.

The USA, for example, had camps with Japanese and German people, and had no 
information that said that German camps were any worse than those.

Hindsight is a bitch that turns around and bites you in the ass, alright.

But willful overlooking of the Camps? Give me a big fucking break!!!


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