[Marxism] RE: Reply to Carl Davidson

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Fri Mar 18 07:16:23 MST 2005

David McDonald:

"Julio, do you currently work inside the Democratic Party? Where? Are you an

office holder. a former delegate for someone or other, a precinct
committeeman, on a committee or what? Tell us about that."

Julio Huato:

"I'll be happy to answer all your questions, if you just tell us why

they are relevant to our discussion."

Upton Sinclair:

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary 
depends upon his not understanding it."

Ergo, Moveon.org and M20.

Actually I would hope Julio is tied to the DP in some financial sense,
otherwise his relentless defense of the party takes on scary new meaning.

It was never explained for what precise purpose or with what strategy in mind
socialists are supposed to cooperate with the Democratic Party. There was
a general assertion that throughout history all revolutionary forces
have allied themselves temporarily with non-revolutionary ones
in the service of greater goals.

In case Julio failed to notice, the DP is scurrying away fast as it
can from its old identity of siding with workers. It also wants to purge itself 
from any trace of that demonized crowd generally thought of as  hippies, 
anti-war radicals, feminists, leftists, and other assorted demons. The
new, respectable image is that of the white affluent middle-class yuppie.

There is no material or political basis on which to foist an alliance with 
the Democrats. On a local level where possible if smalltime Democratic
players support something concrete that we should support in principle,
that makes sense, but beyond that the stakes and the nature of the game

The DP avoids socialistic notions and people like the plague, 
and there is a massive opportunity for corruption, co-option, and selling-out, 
not to mention infiltration by the DP, all heightened by the very weak state
of the radical left. 

The problem with Julio is that he creates a false dichotomy in his analysis -
we have a far-right status quo, and therefore we need to ally with whoever
possible to defeat it, he says. But the far-right status quo is the result
of the Democrats allowing and fostering it. And because the DP, as an 
electoral force, primes itself for short-term victories and orients its whole
existence on the basis of a 4 year-cycle, it will never develop the kind
of perspective and strategy that needs to be undertaken to defeat the 
far-right in America.

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