[Marxism] Cuban Dissidents in Disarray Two Years After Arrests - Another View

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Fri Mar 18 07:41:45 MST 2005

The implication with Walter Lippmann's article "Cuban Dissidents in Disarray Two Years After Arrests" is that dissidents to the Castro Regime are ALL "paid agents of U. S. Capitalism".

Such simplicity is not a worthy approach of such fine a person as this writer.  While there is no question that the U. S. government and anti-socialist elements have been using willing and unwilling Cubans who are "dissidents" - it is not correct to infer that all those who disagree with the Castro government are "paid agents".

To follow such "logic and inferences", one could state - that since there are a number of "progressives" in the United States who are government agents and anti-socialist - that the U. S. progressive movements are also "fronts for U. S. capitalism?"  

Last week the Cuban government failed to prevent the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Committee from having a speaker at the upcoming United Nations sponsored AIDS Conference.  Cuba sided with the Muslim governments on this homophobic attempt to stifle Gay voices. (Curiously I saw no mention of this by Walter Lippmann in his efforts to keep us informed of Cuban developments - obviously an oversight, or maybe it reveals not knowing everything!!!)

If those like Walter Lippmann - a person who I respect for his years of principled service to progressive change, would instead of trying to give excuses for the short comings of the Castro government - and demand a more socialist practicing government - then it is possible to have a better socialist Cuba - and reduce the " Cuban dissidents" - reallyto those who are only paid agents and seeking personal gain.

I support the Castro government's opposition to U. S. Capitalism.  I am delighted with Fidel Castro thumbing his nose at the U. S. capitalists.  I just wish Castro would have the "guts" to instead of opposing and fearing Gay and Lesbian empowerment, to see it as long overdue.  

It is sad that some progressive people still insist that Gays, Lesbians and others who demand empowerment, must remain silent and not empowered.  I personally reject this message "to stay in the closet and be quiet".  I will not abandon my Gay and Lesbian Sisters and Brothers in Cuba or anywhere else, who face discrimination and homophobia. 

I wait for the day when open organizing by Gay and Lesbian groups for empowerment and improving the conditions that exist in Cuba - are "officially allowed".  It will be then, that I can have more pride in the Cuban government, than the current policies of the Cuban government. siding with the Yemen and Malaysian homophobic governments - against Gays and Lesbians. 

Until then, I remain "a dissident" - and I wear that description with pride - and wait the day of true justice, peace and freedom - that some say - but really do not mean or want - for all.

Forward to Socialism, 

John O'Brien
Los Angeles, CA

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