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>> Interestingly, Hamburg, too, was known as a "Red City", and nicknamed
>> "The German Petrograd".
> Never heard that before.

I guess you grew up in West Germany. Good thing the anti-fascist containment 
wall helped keep some truths alive...

In October 1923, Hamburg rose in insurrection.

Hamburg at the Barricades - Larissa Reissner

And there is a massive biography on the history of Hamburg under wiemar and 
early third reich. You just have to be unsatisfied with the propaganda fed 
to you by the (West) German state, and the anti-Stalinists.

>> There were sections of Hamburg that could not be entered by Nazis as
>> late as 1934.
> Really? Any sources?

The Axe of Wandsbek considers the role that common citizens played in Nazi 
crimes, at the same time as it portrays a social climate of conflict and 
contestation. This film adaptation of Arnold Zweig's novel (1947) is set in 
1934 and tells the story of a man who accepts money from the Nazis to serve 
as a public executioner, and the moral denunciation of his community that 
drives him to a ruinous end.

Not a positive view, but talks of having to repress Hamburg's and other 
communists and social-democrats as late as 1936:

Of course you can research on your own as to google sources provide above 
are insufficient as academic "proof" just anecedotical by nature.

It should suffice you learn the names of Bernhard Bastlein, Franz Jacob and 
Robert Abshager. They ran, out of Hamburg, one of the biggest resistance 
groups in Nazi Germany.

Of course the youngest German resistance partisan excecuted by the Nazis was 
Hellmuth Huebener. He was 17 years old, and from a working-class 
neighborhood in, ta-da, Hamburg.

He was nominally a Mormon, although it is obvious this was by birth and not 
choice, judging at the Mormon's behaivor under the Nazis.

B.R.Holmes and A.F.Keele, When Truth was Treason. German Youth against 
Hitler. The story of the Hellmuth Huebener Group. Based on the narrative of 
Karl-Heinz Schribbe, with documents and notes. Urbana and Chicago: U of 
Illinois Press 1995. 425pp


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