[Marxism] From David McReynolds

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Fri Mar 18 08:49:28 MST 2005

Rick wrote;
"Dear Comrades,
 "     That was true of the RAF's strategic 1000 bomber raids, but the RAF 
also had the Mosquito light bomber which had an incrediably accurate record in 
pin-point bombing, as will as the range. If the RAF had targeted a single rail 
junction in 1944 in say Slovakia, the Hungarian jews would not have been sent 
inmass to the death camps in Poland. It is a fact the the Nazi war machine 
without the military production done in the camps could not have gone on the 
offensive in December 1944, the war would have ended at least six months 
earlier as a response too Operation Market Garden."

You are mixing apples and oranges. First, bombing the rail lines in Poland 
meant flying over ALL of Germany, past Berlin, the heavily defended city in 
continental Europe at the time, and then continuing on to Russia for refuel, 
rearming and maintaince. A highly unlikely, nor succesfull scenerio for anyone 
attempting it...just as the US Army Air Corp (US Air Force wasn't formed until 
sometime around 1947). Nor, for that matter, would a Mosquito have the range to 
get to Slovakia or any where well inside German lines to accomplish pin point 


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