[Marxism] From David McReynolds,

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Fri Mar 18 08:57:18 MST 2005

I am surprised that no one has commented on McReynolds' idiosyncratic 
reading of history:

Hiter had "endearing traits."  Really? Can McReynolds expand on his 
positive view of Hitler?

"Germans did not know what was happening to the Jews."  Oh, really?
The mass anti-Semitic rallies, not to mention the stench coming from the
crematoria, really gave the dear, dear Germans no clue?

The enemy is not the [US] military." Really? Who is pulverizing Iraq, 
Who is responsible for the vast number of Iraqi civilian casualties?

The US military consists of "good men and women." Really? Does that
explain Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo?

One must have  "respect towards the police."  Oh, really? Racist killers
deserve our respect? I wish McReynolds would explain why.

M.N. Ryutin

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