[Marxism] More Godel

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri Mar 18 13:23:40 MST 2005

Rod Holt Friends one & all:
Any body who says "... Gödel kicked the whole [formalist program] over," 
and then goes on to Hofsteader make me stop reading.
I have a question: Why don't people read GÖDEL in stead of reading about 
him? Why don't Marxists take a little time off and learn a little 
mathematics, or at least enough to know the difference between "True" 
and "derivable," between logic and metalogic??

CB: We were hoping that in a sort of socialist division of mental labor, you
could tell us these, (or tell us again; sometimes it takes repetition in
learning) since you learned 'em.


Does anybody here know what a Gödel number is? If not, then avoid 
propounding on Gödel, the dialectic, etc. ad nausium.

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