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ML> If I remember rightly, Preis' book was mostly a compilation of
ML> in-depth Militant articles.  I think the Militant's on microfilm and
ML> available through most interlibrary loan services.

   The first nine chapters, i.e. pages 3 thru 81, or Part 1 "The rise  
of the CIO" was first written and published as a series in "The  
Militant" from May 9, through July 4, 1955. For the book, only slight  
modifications had been made, according to Preis's preface.

   The rest of the book, pages 85 thru 538, has been written between  
1958 and 1964. Art Preis' preface is dated May 1, 1961.

   A second edition with 665 pages is available for 30 USD from  
Pathfinder Press. See http://www.pathfinderpress.com/d300/326.shtml

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