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> Dear Comrades,
>      That was true of the RAF's strategic 1000 bomber raids, but the RAF
> also had the Mosquito light bomber which had an incrediably accurate
> record in
> pin-point bombing, as will as the range. If the RAF had targeted a single
> rail
> junction in 1944 in say Slovakia, the Hungarian jews would not have been
> sent
> inmass to the death camps in Poland.

If you can tell me how a Mosquito (or any light bomber) would have been able 
to reach Hungary in 1944 and have a good enough chance of coming back home, 
I am all ears.

The truth is that in 1944 Hungary was essentially in the middle of the III 
Reich, hence unreachable by all but heavy bombers. Next.

>  It is a fact the the Nazi war machine
> without the military production done in the camps could not have gone on
> the
> offensive in December 1944, the war would have ended at least six months
> earlier as
> a response too Operation Market Garden.

I love excercises in what-if and historical fiction, but this POD is unreal 
and unplausible.

Operation Market Garden was ill-planned and a logistical nightmare, and here 
lay its (partial) failure. D-Day was also the same thing, but D-Day had both 
luck and sheer size to make it come through.

The chances of OMG were slimmer from the very start. Getting lucky twice in 
a row is hard to come by, and it was much less massive than D-Day.

The German war machine (and economy) certainly benefited from slave labor, 
but short of the ground war that was fought, there was no way to destroy 
these camps without killing the inmates in the process. Are you suggesting 
that a massive bombing campaing of the camps would have been a good thing?

Never forget the fog of war. What is obvious to us, was not obvious to 
anyone then. The Holocaust had no historical precedent, and the information 
while there, was sketchy. It is true that even Einsenhower learned about the 
extent of the camp system only when they started to get liberated.


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