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I agree with CB's reply, but I have an additional comment.

Since when does it neccesary to be an expert on something, an specialist, to 
comment on how this or that development affects our social, economic, and 
political life?

I have much respect for mathemathicians, but on the other hand, I also find 
that many of them use the purported difficulty and jargon of mathematics to 

As Stephen Hawkins has shown, physics (and hence math itself) doen't require 
to be spoken in the language of mathematics to be disucussed and explained. 
Sure, this makes specialists and unimaginative elitists quiver, how dare the 
common folk approach the ivory tower!!!

ANd that has always been a task of Marxists have always taken head on. To 
demystify science, to take it from the stranglehold of elitist language and 
free knowledge for the advance of humanity.

Bourgeoise scientists, preoccupied more with keeping their knowledge a 
mysterious secret, will always see an enemy in us.


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Rod Holt Friends one & all:
Any body who says "... Gödel kicked the whole [formalist program] over,"
and then goes on to Hofsteader make me stop reading.
I have a question: Why don't people read GÖDEL in stead of reading about
him? Why don't Marxists take a little time off and learn a little
mathematics, or at least enough to know the difference between "True"
and "derivable," between logic and metalogic??

CB: We were hoping that in a sort of socialist division of mental labor, you
could tell us these, (or tell us again; sometimes it takes repetition in
learning) since you learned 'em.


Does anybody here know what a Gödel number is? If not, then avoid
propounding on Gödel, the dialectic, etc. ad nausium.

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