[Marxism] Re: [PEN-L] More Godel

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Fri Mar 18 22:34:54 MST 2005

I am grateful for Jim Farmelant quick response. I made the mistake of 
running off hunting for my copies of Gödel's stuff and Kleene's book. My 
life is in boxes in a dozen storage lockers with the inventories reading 
"six boxes of books," "Books and papers, 10 boxes," etc. It's awful.
It was a real pleasure to read Gödel again. The translation is not 
familiar to me and the notation is non-standard (at least in the English 
world) so it takes a bit of getting used to. There are parts that need 
unraveling a bit, and some preliminary concepts will help comrades. This 
I will get to as fast as possible.
          thanx, rod

Jim Farmelant wrote:

>On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 11:15:15 -0800 Rod Holt <rholt at planeteria.net>
>>Friends one & all:
>>Any body who says "... Gödel kicked the whole [formalist program] 
>>and then goes on to Hofsteader make me stop reading.
>>I have a question: Why don't people read GÖDEL in stead of reading 
>Kurt Gödel's paper, "On formally  undecidable propositions
>of Principia Mathematica and related systems," can
>be found online at: 
>It probably won't hurt to have a good grasp of
>predicate logic, set theory, and the theory of recursive
>functions to understand Gödel's proof, although
>the underlying idea is not that hard to grasp, which
>is that just as Russell and Whitehead were able to
>show that the axioms of Arithmetic could be formulated
>in the notation of mathematical logic, so the propositions
>of Russell & Whitehead's mathematical logic could
>be formulated in terms of the arithmetic of natural

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