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WL> Don't know how you tried to listen, or if you have a
WL> high-speed/broadband/cable/DLS type of connection,

  As I said, I did not get a connection in the first place, since the  
servers were already overloaded

WL> but I had no difficulty at all hearing it

  You probably had set up the connection long before the transmission  
began. I had to do a walk with my dog and tried to connect around  
midnight (local time here), so rather about at most 5 minutes before  
the 18:00 hours Cuban time

WL> and even made a tape recording. Aren't you glad that you had
WL> at least my notes to get you started

  sure, Walter thank you.

WL> in addition to the brief, inadequate stuff in the capitalist
WL> media?

  there was hardly anything in the capitalist media.

  But what makes you think that I do not read the Cuban papers?

  As I said, the best would be a satelite dish to receive Cubavisión  
Internacional directly, either with a direct dish for PAS9 or a  
subscription for Eutelsat Hotbird --- but 16,6 Euro/month is more than  
what I pay for my whole cable connection with dozens of free  

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