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LW>    I have not yet met a person who would not declare that he "has to"
LW> do it, because otherwise he (or she) could not make ends meet. A lot
LW> of Cuba-friends over here repeat the same talk.
LW>    The fact is, that by deviating goods from one's own workplace to
LW> exchange it for goods which others took from their workplace, or even
LW> for goods produced by individual farmers or laborours, does not
LW> produce on grain of maiz or one kilo of beans more, it only helps to
LW> increase social inequalities, and it also causes material losses in
LW> the process (I mean in form of perishing or damaging the things).

w>> In time, something will have to be done about the fact that so
w>> many people do live outside the formal legal framework, but it
w>> must be kept in mind, at ALL times, that Cuba lives, exists,
w>> persists and survives in a specific, distinctive situation.

LW>    But of course, this kind of theft can't be legalized. The only way
LW> forward, which I see, is to increase production, increase the amount
LW> of foodstuff and other goods available by Libreta and in the market,
LW> so that the mental pressure for "resolver" eases.

  The recent announcements like the distribution of the rice and  
pressure cookers, plus pure coffee (without the addition of ...) and  
cacoa go into that direction, plus this piece from Fidels address on  
Thursday (March 17) evening:

>From Friday's Granma:
--------- schnipp -----------------------------------------

Entre las opiniones planteadas por la población entre el 8 y el 15 de  
marzo ha estado la necesidad de evitar el robo y el desvío de los  
nuevos equipos, así como de los paquetes de café (sin chícharo), el  
chocolate con leche en polvo y los otros alimentos mencionados, que se  
ofertarán en las bodegas. Al respecto Fidel exhortó a las  
organizaciones de masas, los militantes de la UJC, los combatientes de  
las Fuerzas Armadas y el Ministerio del Interior..., en fin, a los  
revolucionarios en los barrios, a impedir los posibles trapicheos y  

Según evaluó, la ética que debe primar en ese proceso de distribución  
y venta la debe imponer el pueblo con su exigencia, sin entrar en  
complicidad con quienes transgredieren la legalidad.
------------------ schnapp --------------------------------

  I try to translate the main points:

--------- schnipp -----------------------------------------
  among the opinions voiced by the population between the 8 and 15 of  
march, was the necessity to avoid theft and deturnment of the new  

  In this regard, Fidel called on the mass organizations, the  
militants of the UJC, the fighters of the Armed Forces and the Minitry  
of the Interior, short, to all revolutionaries in the 'barrios' to  
prevent any possible cheats and thefts.

  According to his words, the ethics have to come first in this  
distribition and this has to be imposed by the people thru their  
demanding attitude, without entering in complicity with those who  
bypass legality.
------------------ schnapp --------------------------------

  I'm not sure, but this could be in the end more important than  
having the cookers themselves. At least I hope...

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