[Marxism] Reply to Carl Davidson

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Mar 20 07:00:21 MST 2005

The Democratic campaign in Ohio not only helped deny ballot status to
Nader-Camejo, but created a bipartisan agreement in which our write-in
votes for were simply never counted.  Assisting that campaign
contributed to my disenfranchisement.  Of course, anyone who thinks I
wasted my vote anyway would rationalize this as my
self-disenfranchisement because I chose to cast a ballot that wouldn't
be worth counting...because it didn't sanction the status quo.

Of course, this being the modern ol' US of A, what's going to generate
the greatest amount of electronic noise isn't mass disenfranchisement
but whether pointing it out might damage somebody's self-esteem....

And so it goes.

Mark L.

PS: Certainly, those unwilling to connect the dots in the here-and-now
are going to find it much easier to debate and position corpses that
can't defend themselves.  However, there's something appropriate for the
religious to be doing that.  For my part, what the historical points and
arguments I made stand on their own merits and people can draw their own

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