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michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Sun Mar 20 08:19:27 MST 2005

On Saturday, Julio Huato wrote:
>This is my last post on this list.... I've been loyal to this list, but it 
>is time to leave it once and for
>all.  Thank you, Louis, for the space to write and debate.  Thank you
>everyone for reading me and for engaging with my arguments.

         I, for one, am very unhappy to see Julio's decision. I regard his 
posts in general as a demonstration of a deep understanding of Marxism (as 
opposed to the ferreting out of convenient Marx quotes out of context). So, 
I regard his departure as the list's loss (although some may view the 
removal of his perspective on the particular question as an act of 
purification-- the absence of the renegade Huato permitting great leaps in 
the urgent task of building revolutionary socialism).
         I don't know Julio (except through e-mail posts on 
non-list-related matters recently) and don't go back on the list long 
enough to have seen the past political biography that he mentions having 
posted. I do know that he studied economics in Cuba in the 80s, that he's 
now working on his thesis and that he is a Marxist economist that I 
respect. Hopefully, his departure will mean that he'll have more time to 
complete his thesis and would be able to make more of a contribution. For 
me, his departure probably means that I'll check the list out less; I tend 
to cherry-pick from the archives, seeking out especially the posts of 
Louis, Julio, Nestor and M. Juniad before deciding to follow up a thread--- 
one less now (and one of the best).
         in solidarity,

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