[Marxism] Disability rights activist comments on Schiavo case

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Mar 20 18:36:36 MST 2005


Ultimately while the Schiavo case depends on the specific facts about which 
I have no
special knowledge as a Canadian not closely following the story, I think 
that marxmail
readers need to see and consider other points of view and espeically those 
informed by
the social model of disablement as articulated by Michael Oliver, Colin 
Barnes and Marta
Russell. Many of us in the disability community feel that this is dangerous 
territory. To
see only the christian right aspect (which is certainly there) is to ignore 
implications for the equality rights of people with disabilities. Of 
course, I believe
that consenting adults (as opposed to say the Canadian Latimer case where a 
murdered his daughter with CP) who are fully informed and have considered 
their decisions
after receiving adequate counselling should have control over their bodies 
but since the
facts, as I understand them, are disputed here, I think that socialists 
should be
extremely cautious, especially given the fact most have little or no 
understanding of
such issues and left magazines rarely publish such articles (although 
surprisingly there
is one in the current issue of Against the Current which I have not yet 
Sentiments about letting Ms. Schiavo die as a good thing sound too eugenic 
for some of us
without the clearest of consent. See the link below to Ragged Edge 
magazine, a leading
disability rights publication in the United States.

Ravi Malhotra (lurker)
Toronto Centre New Democratic Party (for identification purposes only)


Louis Proyect
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