[Marxism] Reply to Carl Davidson (and 2 or 3 things I might, or might not, know about 'hegemony')

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Mar 20 20:13:44 MST 2005

Jim Farmelant wrote of Julio's position that "the radical left must, at
least in the short run, be willing to engage with the DP, or at least
elements of the DP, if the working class is to be brought to the point
to where it can eventually establish its independence from a bourgeois
formation like the DP."

Not really.  Everybody's agreed that we need to engage those folks.  We
want to do so on the basis of a common movement, aimed at political, if
not always electoral, goals.  We don't want to do this on the basis of
common support of Democratic electoral victory.

A note on Gramsci's "war-of-position," Julio again wanted to have it
both ways.  He dismissed the applicability of anything supporting our
position from a different country or a different time (even to the point
of misunderstanding and misrepresenting that experience).  However, he
asserts as laudatory and applicable the arguments of an Italian living
alternately through both a revolutionary workingclass upheaval and a
fascist dictatorship.  

For years, Gramsci has been a favorite of academics and yuppie
progressives.  I meantioned that the first academic Marxist I met voted
Republican.  I should add also that he thought Gramsci was just
brilliant and sustained his politics.  In this case, the only concrete
example of what Gramsci's "war-of-position" means involves drumming up
votes for imperialists.  Poor Gramsci!

As I've said before, I'm always ready to discuss individual Democratic
candidates, but the examples of those people want to support seem to be
just getting worse as time goes on.  What's worse, I'd like to hear some
new arguments rather than the ritual repetitions of the same mantras....

Mark L.

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