[Marxism] Re: Terri Schiavo: the right to live, to die, or to kill?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 21 07:54:38 MST 2005

Under capitalism, women and children are considered property.
Women are the property of men. Children are the property of
parents. Here we see a conflict between two "property rights",
and the right has come out squarely in favor of the "rights"
of the parents as against the spouse. He'd supported keeping
her on life supports for seven years before changing views.

I know nothing about whether or not he'll make a bundle off
of her death, via insurance claims or whatever, but that's 
a lesser issue, it seems to me, than the rightist campaign
to keep her alive. They used the same tactic of trying to
get a federal subpoena of then aged-six Elian Gonzalez by
a congressional committee as well. Fortunately it didn't
work then.

It does seem that the hospitals certainly stand to make a
bundle, to keep making a bundle, off of this tragic woman's
situation. This is well-explored in the movie made recently
by Clint Eastwood called MILLION DOLLAR BABY, which I will
recommend to those concerned with this issue.

Walter Lippmann

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