[Marxism] Re: Terri Schiavo: the right to live, to die, or to kill?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 21 10:23:58 MST 2005

The issue posed in MILLION DOLLAR BABY is the right
of an individual who is profoundly disabled to take
their own life, including receiving the assistance
of another individual if that is what is necessary.
Clint Eastwood's views on other this matter or any
others wasn't referred to in my comment.

The issue posed by Congressional Republicans and by
the Roman Catholic Church and other fundamentalists
is that they believe that they have the right to
determine for everyone else how long THEIR lives 
should be allowed to proceed, regardless of other
factors in the situation. 

Of course, under capitalism, everything is distorted
by property considerations, and such things as the
power of the family over its members, even up to the
power of biological parents over the spouses of their
children when it comes to such decisions.

An in this situation, it's clearly a "wedge-issue"
which the Republican leadership has used to try to
take advantage of the bamboozled ignorance of the
US public in matters of this kind, and to try to
score points against the Democrats regarding this.

Walter Lippmann
> It does seem that the hospitals certainly stand to make a
> bundle, to keep making a bundle, off of this tragic woman's
> situation. This is well-explored in the movie made recently
> by Clint Eastwood called MILLION DOLLAR BABY, which I will
> recommend to those concerned with this issue.
> Walter Lippmann

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