[Marxism] Follow-up from Ravi Maholtra

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 21 11:10:26 MST 2005

I won't be participating ad infinitum in this thread as a lurker but 
whatever position
one ultimately takes on the specific facts of the Schiavo case, I, like 
Quarters, find it
extremely disturbing to see Million Dollar Baby flagged and completely 
agree with every
word of his posts. See the link below from a disability rights activist. 
This movie has
been demonstrated against by disability rights activists who have nothing 
to do with the
Christian Right and are leftists. Moreover, this is the *perfect* example 
of the slippery
slope. First, we have marxmailers taking an extreme position (I would say 
without any
expertise on medical ethics and shockingly for leftists, accepting the 
evaluations of
physicians as scientifically objective) on Schiavo. Then we have Million 
Dollar Baby,
about quadriplegics!, being cited as evidence. Well sorry this is just 
ignorant and
insulting to people with disabilities. Quadriplegics can be lawyers, 
politicians etc. There's a highly disabled member of the Canadian House of 
Commons. The
problem is structural barriers (one the left consistently ignores by 
holding meetings at
inaccessible locations). If one wants to say Schiavo is in some special 
category because
she took a very clear position on subsequent treatment (and can legally 
prove this), one
can plausibly take this position (and others might disagree for a whole 
variety of
reasons including the fact many people change their mind after the injury 
occurs) but when Million Dollar Baby is cited (Eastwood's other activities 
aside), the
whole argument falls apart. Almost all quadriplegics are depressed 
immediately after
injury; the vast majority go on to lead fully productive lives. The fact 
that much of the
left just doesn't get it (just as many on the left attacked my article on 
the Latimer
murder in Saskatchewan in Canadian Dimension magazine that appeared in 
2001) in 2005
speaks volumes. I hope marxmailers actually take time to read these links.


Ravi Malhotra

Louis Proyect
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