[Marxism] FW: Greens for Democracy and Independence Petition

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Mar 21 14:22:46 MST 2005

The question's been raised before as to the fate of what's left of the
Green Party.  The remaining numbers are very considerable, still nearly
300,000 registered Greens.  However, as has been the fate of its
predecessors, the fact that the party had no clear standards of
membership and no requirements of internally democratic norms in the
affiliate state and local parties.

This is what allowed David Cobb and the Gremocrats to seize the
nomination and control of the leadership through what amounts to paper
parties that don't meet or have public events and remain entirely in the
back pocket of "progressive" Democrats.  Correcting the situation must
start with an internal challenge to their control.

For that reason, I'm forwarding the URL of this online petition....

Please also visit the GDI webpage:  http://www.greens4democracy.net/  
For further information on this effort.

Mark L.

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