[Marxism] msnbc on anti-war protests...

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 22 04:59:19 MST 2005


It has been said before on this list, by persons of dubious political fibre, 
that concern for race relations in America stems from a (white) liberal 
guilt complex. Surely it is better to ignore such offensive right-wing 
psychobabble and stick (as M. Junaid always does) to sorting out facts from 
fiction? I wonder why some of these 'communists' are on a Marxism list at 
all. I would prefer it if charges of 'reverse racism' (the ideological 
underpinning of the 'guilt complex' argument) met with instant expulsion 
from the list.



>How do you dispute that? Did you read any of the material I mentioned in my 
>last post on the >issue? Do you have any reason to believe racism and 
>chauvinism aren't major barriers in the formation of revolutionary 
>political consciousness among white workers in America, historically and 
>now? Why
>do you think that?

>So just cut the cowardly shit of twisting and inverting and evading the 
>debate. Don't go on about >some strawmen you have created for me and whine 
>against  "usual "hate the white workers" BS >that liberals in the USA love 
>to spew forth" as a way of cowering from the discussion at hand. >Forget 
>about "liberals" and "hate the white workers" as a convenient whipping boy. 
>Just confront >what is actually being said.

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