[Marxism] Re: Chomsky profile/interview

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Mar 22 08:41:50 MST 2005

I wish I could say this attack on Chomsky/Zinn/Buhle was simply Julio 
Huato reincarnating himself as the most mindless ultra-left comical 
caricature of a Marxist on the planet, resubbing himself under 
"proletpower" as a backdoor attempt to persuade us of the correctness 
his position on the DP. But, sadly, that would be to severely 
underestimate the stupidity of certain "Marxist" dogmatists which rivals 
that of any religious fundamentalist fool.

You see here at work, in the sniping at these leftist academics, the 
other face of the completely unconditional and pathetic romanticization 
of the workers. Bill O'Reilly would not have to change a single word in 
these attacks in his own demagoguery. No need for context, or a balance 
sheet, or to note the fact these academic-activists have reached 
hundreds of thousands of people and played a major role in radicalizing 
them and participating in the battle of ideas. That would require actual 
intelligence. Better to send them to purgatory for supporting some 
smalltime individual Democratic at some point in the face of no 
alternatives, or  making a tactical political error in falling into a 
quasi-ABB line. That way you can waste your time railing against 
scarecrows instead of dealing with the underlying problem.

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