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Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Tue Mar 22 09:00:54 MST 2005

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From: "M. Junaid Alam" <mjunaidalam at msalam.net>

> That way you can waste your time railing against scarecrows instead of 
> dealing with the underlying problem.

I am honestly waiting for you to apply your theory to yourself instead of 
reapeating the obvious.

I have a hard time thinking people are honest when they self-proclaim 
themselves this or that, or claim some sort of superiority instead of 
spousing concrete ideas or if they want to theorize, simply stick to theory. 
You are such a whiner Junaid.

Furthermore, accusing subjectively left wing people of being like Bill 
O'Reilly is *exactly* the same kind of sectarian stupidy you procalim to 
denounce. We have a saying in spanish, "predicar la moral en calzoncillos", 
"to lecture on morality with your briefs out".

Now, my problem with all these debates on lines and people is that they are 
not useful politically, not in the context of this list.

For starters, none of those mentioned are on hand to reply to any comments, 
so the excercise becoming sort of an inverse personality cult, and excercise 
of vicarious self-agrandizing.

If we are willing to cut some slack to Noam Chomsky for falling so late in 
life for the ABB madness, we must also be willing to cut some slack for 
those of us who feel it is important to point out how stupid and damaging 
going ABB was.

I do both. The 2004 election is way over. Unite all those that can be 
united, move forward, let it fucking drop. Licking our wounds won't build us 
a movement, blaming the other guy won't build us a movement, and defending 
tenured professors over stupid and, gasp, academic bickerings (I refer to 
Buhle, not Churchill) sure as hell won't build us a movement.

And telling people how "bad" they are generates apathy, not cohesion...


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