[Marxism] re:Re: Chomsky profile/interview

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Mar 22 09:25:10 MST 2005


You are such a whiner Junaid."

Not quite. I simply hate the silly posturing of sectarian soapbox denunciations of dedicated 

Actually, let me start out by noting that it is worse than useless to 
try to discuss anything with you Carlos,
since you take this same "proletarian hero" approach to everything, 
whereby the world is fairly
even divided between guilt-ridden white liberal academics on the one 
hand subverting revolution at every corner,
and the heroic masses on the other.

You have forgotten, perhaps even never learned, that Marx himself did 
not construct the false image of workers
as gods:

"If the socialist writers assign to the proletariat this world 
historical function, it is not because they consider the
proletarians to be gods. Rather the opposite. Because the destruction of 
all humanity, even of the appearance
of humanity, is empirically completed in the case of the fully developed 
proletariat; because all the existential
conditions of the present society are concentrated in their entire 
inhuman extremity in the living conditions
of the proletariat..."

Not only this, but your modus operandi is to literally put  words in 
people's mouths with scare quotes, avoid like the
plague any concrete references or readings or arguments, and adopt 
right-wing populist rhetoric that
counterposes muddle-headed "elitist" leftists to the all-knowing but 
somehow untapped masses to cover up for it.

Time and time again, when I tried to ground discussion with actual 
references or any kind of reading material that is relevant -
whether it was Fanon, or Baran, or Yates, or Quadagno, or Harrington - 
you launch into evasion mode and prattle
on with breathtaking madness in some other direction. Even when you once 
admitted your hyperbole was all wrong
about employment, AWOLers, etc., you charged forward bravely off the 
cliff of logic anyway.

Frankly I tried, but I do not have the time for this kind of nonsense, 
so I am just going to ignore your posts from now on.

And for the record, Left Hook was one of the very few leftist outlets to 
take a principled anti-ABB line; I myself wrote and
defended a couple pieces on the  subject before the elections, and was 
glad to print those of several other youth leftists who
in the months when the pressure was on, did not fall into the trap of 
supporting Kerry on any level.

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