anarchism etc (was Re: [Marxism] Chomsky profile/interview

Sologdin at Sologdin at
Tue Mar 22 09:34:49 MST 2005

"I actually see this anarchism as a form of marxism, mainly because many of 
them are former anti-revisionists (maoist/hoxhaists) or because they try to 
base their analysis in terms of concrete reality and not wishful thinking 
about the state."

probably so.  anarchism can be marxian, and i often classify myself as a 
"reformed anarcho-marxist."  "pure" anarchism appears pretty utopian and facile, 
and probably could be included in the laundry list of faux socialisms in part 3 
of the *manifesto*.  but an anarchist politics (anarchism does strike at 
governance, rather than economics) coupled with a marxian conception of history is 
a useful combo.  i.e., not all socialist activism need be within a leninist 

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