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>   i.e., not all socialist activism need be within a leninist
> model.

I tend to think this is a subjective thing. Many of the so-called anarchists 
of the brand you mention actually practice in content Leninism. Down to the 
ugly side, such as bureaucratic expulsions for "marxism" or "liberalism".

Some years ago the french CNT split over this very question, regarding in 
particular the support for the Zapatistas.

When Durruti told a Comintern man that "We are showing you Bolsheviks how to 
fight" he was wrong in perspective, but not entirely off mark. At the time, 
the FAI was the sole true Leninist organization in the Iberian peninsula, 
much like the Republican Party is the only real Leninist organization in the 
USA today.

I sometimes see many of the protestations against leninism on part of 
anarchist organizations, in particular those that are out of the 
punk/lifestyle sub-cult fringes, as moot. They are practising Leninism in 
content, which is a good thing, IMHO.


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