[Marxism] Re: Conflict amongst feudal lords query

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Tue Mar 22 16:13:21 MST 2005

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From: "Mauricio Martinez" <kidvanguard at yahoo.ca>

> but rather used to finance conspicuous consumption amongst the nobility - 
> and there certainly was a competetive aspect to this >conspicuous 
> consumption as well, as nobles tried to outdo eachother in how much they 
> could conspicuously consume.

Isn't this aspect indeed a form of direct surplus re-invesment in the means 
of production?

If we take to be true that "the only way to acquire land and peasants ... is 
either by intermarriage or war", then it follows that spending surplus on 
looking attractive for marriage and being able to defend and expand in war 
is analogous to spending surplus on more factories, distribuitors, mergers 
etc etc etc.

Pre-capitalism is not exactly my strong point, but I'll be interested to 
hear if I am barking up the wrong tree...


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