[Marxism] Achcar on Marxism and religion

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Mar 22 18:12:37 MST 2005

>Today zmag posted an excellent article by Gilbert Achcar on Marxism and 
>religion, specifically how to approach Islam in general and its 
>fundamentalist strain in particular. It's a great mixture of theoretical 
>and historical references and application to the French hijab controversy 
>as well as taking on the pandering of the British SWP to fundamentalism.

If comrades want to see what Respect is about, go to:


I expect that an SWP leader will answer Achcar. There has been a running 
debate between him and them for a while now around related questions.

I think that Achcar is a horse's ass myself. He concocted a conspiracy 
between Baathist remnants and US imperialism based on zero evidence. I also 
heard him speak at a conference on imperialism at Columbia a year or so 
ago. He wasted 45 minutes saying absolutely nothing. He didn't even bother 
to prepare an outline.

Louis Proyect
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