[Marxism] re: Greens for Democracy and Independence Petition

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Mar 22 20:35:46 MST 2005

M. Junaid Alam is asking all the right questions...."What exactly are
Peter Camejo and Ralph Nader and those around them doing politically now
in terms of the GP? Is Nader himself involved in galvanizing a pole in
the GP? Is Camejo? Howie Hawkins? It would be most discouraging, not to
mention bizarre, if it just turned out that these folks made a sort of
last hurrah or just showed up every 4 years suddenly - but I have seen
and heard of nothing on this front other than some statistical reports
showing how the GP is crumbling to pieces."

I don't claim any inside information, but I'm certain that there will be
developments this summer, when there will be some national meetings over
the revisions in internal governance.  Nader has no connections with the
Greens, but Camejo, Hawkins and others all want to maximize what of the
Green Party stays outside the Democratic Party.  The best way to do that
is to let as many of the Cobb people simply abandon the Greens openly
for the Democrats, the easier will be for those who of us who are left
to overcome the stragglers and build a solidly insurgent party.  

There are larger questions we need to address, particularly the nature
of party membership in the Greens.  However, for what it's worth, I'm
hopeful.  And I'm sure the list will be kept informed.

Mark L.

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