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Douglas MacDonald dmacdonald94591 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 22 23:38:10 MST 2005

>From Douglas MacDonald 3/22/2005
As former Secretaty-Treasurer of the National Green Allaince; the quasi-socialist offshoot of the Green Party USA, I can tell you that any semblence of socialist politics within the Green Party US is window dressing at best and minoritarian-rooseveltianism at worst.  After engaging many a Green in "liberal" California, which  holds approximately 50% of the USA's registered GP members, I can assure this list the at the GP is the last place to seek a socialist, let alone a revolutionary socialist or trotskyist resurgence.
The Green Party is nothing more than a confused united front of good intentioned but dissolusioned democratic party libereals and a-historical non-materialist syndacalist-like activists.  Hence, the debate on most Green Lists in 2004 was whether to  to back Kucinich or the safe-state strategy of  "what's his name". 
Meanwhile, the biggest name Greens like Medea Benjamin proudly announced their support, albeit reuctantly to for Kerry.   Nader had some resonence, but his political emergence at the Green Party National Convention was decapitated by the green/democratic party whores who controlled the meeting. All the while the marginalized and haplessly unsocialist "radicall-independent" greens support for two capitalist candidates in the form of Nader and Camejo led to no confrontation on the floor nor any organized caucus afterwards.  Ay dio mio....
There will never be any "independence" for the Green Party as long as they do not embrace economic democracy or socialism. Remember, capitalism is the root cause of the environmental crises via its inexorable demand for "more" at any cost, regulated only  by the rate of return and the diminishing capacity of externalizing costs. Greens are nothing but a divergence for class independence at best and an abandonment to capital at worst.  Within the body politic; meaning the electoral arena, we should hate them for the confusionists that they are.  United front all we want, just as long as we can explain the Green Party's underlying class collaboration and the need to form an independent workers party.
Solidarity for a Red Revolution;
Douglas MacDonald

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